Experiment List

ID Peptide Administration Microorganism Activity
467 DJK5
P. aeruginosa Formation (3-24h)
468 DJK5
K. pneumoniae LM21 Formation (3-24h)
480 DJK5
P. aeruginosa PAO1 / ATCC 15692 Adhesion (1-2h)
481 DJK5
E. coli O-157 / ATCC 43895 Adhesion (1-2h)
482 DJK5
A. baumannii Adhesion (1-2h)
483 DJK5
K. pneumoniae ATCC 13883 Adhesion (1-2h)
484 DJK5
S. enterica Typhimurium ATCC14028 Adhesion (1-2h)

M. Di Luca, G. Maccari, G. Maisetta, G. Batoni BaAMPs: the database of biofilm-active antimicrobial peptides Biofouling 2015; 31(2):193-9.

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